CBSE Class 12 Maths: How to Study?

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Class 12 is the most important class in a student’s life. Based on the academic performance of the student in this class, he/she is able to make future decisions related to colleges and career options. The academic score of a student determines which subjects they should opt for in college and what college is best suited for them. Maths can be a highly scoring subject. But it is also a subject that cannot be studied in 2 or 3 days just before the exam. To ace the exam, regular practice and learning is required through the academic year. Concepts introduced in class 12 are basic introductions to the concepts that will be taught in college if maths is chosen as a subject. Whether you choose engineering or economics, maths will play a vital role in your college education. Maths is also important for various competitive exams held after school to enter colleges. Hence, it is important that you have a strong command over the subject in class 12. 

Tips to help you study better

Understanding the concepts in class and regular practice of questions can help you score full marks in the class 12 board exam. The exam is of 80 marks in total. The question paper is divided into four sections- Sections A, B, C and D. Section A consists of questions worth one mark each. Section B consists of questions worth 2 marks each. Section C and D consist of longer questions worth 4 marks and 6 marks each respectively. These sections add up to a total of 80 marks. The syllabus for class 12 is divided across seven units- relations and functions, algebra, calculus, vectors and 3-D geometry, linear programming and probability. Consistency is key. Tips that can help you prepare better are:

  • Learn from the NCERT book- The NCERT is the best book to prepare for the board exam. Each chapter is explained properly. Within each chapter, there are concepts that are explained with an example illustrated in detail. An in-depth study of all the chapters from the NCERT can prove to be highly beneficial for the student. Attempt each and every question in the book and the examples as well. Questions can come as it is from the textbook as well. Mark the questions that you feel are important or require more practice. Keep practicing and attempting them and keep a reference book handy. Refer to the CBSE class 12 maths solutions for explained answers to each question. 
  • Write down all the formulas- Class 12 has quite a few formulas and concepts for the students to memorise for the exam. It is important that you write these to memorise and understand them. Writing always helps you understand it better and also retain more of what you are studying. Making a separate list for them will also help you revise them quicker closer to the exam. 
  • Prepare a timetable- As mentioned maths is not a subject that can be studied in 2 to 3 days. Proper planning and schedule are required for maximum efficiency. Prepare a timetable and divide the time for each chapter depending on the marks weightage and what seems difficult or easy to you. Finish the chapter in the time that you have allotted to it. But after finishing each chapter do not stop practicing it. Even while studying other chapters make sure to practice questions from other chapters that you have finished as well and go through the formulas. This is important so that you keep in touch with it and do not need a lot of time while revising the syllabus then. 
  • After you have gone through the whole syllabus and are confident in it, practice as many sample papers and papers from previous years as you can. Practice at least one paper daily. Time yourself while practicing the papers. This is important so that you know how much time you need for the exam and can manage your time well. Practicing sample papers will get you familiar with the pattern of the paper and the questions from previous years will tell you what kind of questions to expect. 
  • Get familiarised with the questions and exam papers of previous years. At times a lot of the questions can be repeated from the exam papers from previous years. Find these papers online or in reference and practice books and mark the important questions in these question papers. Practice them regularly.
  • Make notes- Math concepts also need to be written down and explained. Make a note of theories and concepts in the textbook to help understand them better. Go through them regularly.
  • Clear any and all doubts that you might have. Do not leave them for the last minute. Ask your teacher to help you with any doubt that you might have. Once you have cleared your doubt, go over the concept once again to see if you understand it better now. 
  • While attempting the exam make sure to keep a check on the time. Read through all the questions calmly before you attempt them. Do not rush with any section or a particular section. If you are stuck on any question, move forward and come back to it later. If you're not confident about any question, write down the formula first for it and then try to solve it. Do not leave any questions. Even if you do not know how to solve a question fully make sure to at least write the formula for it as this will fetch you come marks instead of a zero. Make sure to neatly present your answer sheet and underline or highlight every formula and final answer that you write. 
  • Preparation for boards can be hectic. Make sure to give yourself a break whenever you feel exhausted. Go out for a walk or do something else and come back refreshed to study. Make sure to only study a new concept or something difficult only when you feel fully refreshed. 

Follow all these tips and be consistent in studying and you will be able to ace your Class 12 Maths exam. 

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