How to Write an Essay Outline for 3 Important Essay Types?

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An essay outline is a method of planning the framework of your essay before you begin writing. The essay structure is considered as the most important step because it maintains the proper flow of reading. If you write everything in an organized way, the reader will not face any problem in understanding your essay. 

Without an essay outline, you cannot proceed with writing an essay. As you now know the importance of outlining the essay, it is beneficial in the following ways:

  • In order to organize the points appropriately
  • With the help of essay outline, you can categorize the flow of your essay
  • Through an essay outline, you will not skip any essential points.

Most learners do not have accurate knowledge to draft the essay outline perfectly. This is why they look for professional Online essay helpThe professional essay writers have in-depth knowledge about outlining different types of essays. 

How to create an essay outline? 

The three major components complete the essay outline that includes:

  • Introduction
  • Body Paragraphs
  • Conclusions

All the information that you write in the essay should be easy to understand. Let us discuss each part of the essay outline.


In this portion, you will have to introduce the topic briefly. Make sure that the introduction is neither lengthy nor too short. Mention the short description of the topic, the objective of writing this topic, and any other essential information.

Pay close attention to the introduction because if the introduction is engaging, it will provoke readers' interest. You can open your essay with an anecdote, persuade, a quotation or a statistic associated with the topic. 


Your main content must be mentioned in the paragraphs of the body. It covers all the information about essential points and arguments. Add all the core information in the body paragraph to make it interesting. The body of the essay is divided into different paragraphs, which contains the major points. 

Explain each point with appropriate figures, opinions, and more. Do not get confused about the length of each paragraph. You can adjust it according to the total words.


The last part of the essay, that is introduction, will cover all your ideas. The main purpose of the conclusion is to reinforce the topic and convince the reader with your thoughts. While writing the conclusion, make sure that you do not mention any new ideas in it. You will have to work on wrapping up your ideas.

Apart from the general outline, different essays have different formats. It is not easy for a student to keep all the formats of essay in mind. Hence, whenever the professor assigns the essay, seek professional assignment helpThe mentioned information will provide you multiple benefits when you start writing a perfect essay. 

With the help of information mentioned above, you will get an idea about creating the outline of the essay. Now take one step ahead and explore the three most important essay types format. 

  1. Narrative essay: The main focus of a narrative essay is on the narration of the event. These sorts of essays are a combination of different storytelling facts that provide attractive output. In a narrative essay, transfer your imagination into words. This type of essay has a particular format, such as:


  • Description of the topic
  • Introduce the main premise

Body Paragraph 1

  • Setting the premise 
  • Explicate it
  • Introduce the character
  • Highlight the major event

Body Paragraph 2

  • Introduction of the conflict 
  • Stating any extra fact 
  • Ending 


  • Summarize
  1. Comparative essay 

The main theme of a comparative essay is to describe the similarities between two major points. The critical thinking analysis makes an ideal comparative essay. So, it would be best if you work properly outlining a comparative essay in the following ways.


  • Describe the given topic
  • Give a small introduction about points to compare
  • Add your intention

Body paragraph -1

  • Add point 1
  • Compare the material on point 1
  • Add the supporting statement 

Body paragraph-2

  • Mention point 2
  • Compare the material on point 2
  • Add the supporting statement

Body paragraph- 3

  • Mention point 3
  • Compare the material on point 3
  • Add the supporting statement


  • Summarize the topic 

Mention the comparative words in your essay that include unlike, in contrast to it, and more. 

  1. Argumentative essay 

The central idea of an argumentative essay is to create strong points either in favour or against the topic. You will have to convince the people with great argumentative points. Like the argumentative points, your essay outline should be perfect. 


  • Attractive description
  • The main purpose of the argument 

Body paragraph- 1

  • Mention point 1
  • Facts, opinions, examples to support the points. 

Body paragraph-2

  • Add the point 2
  • Facts, opinions, examples to support the points. 

Body paragraph-3

  • Add the point 2
  • Facts, opinion, examples to support the points


  • Add the convincing summary 
  • Mention the relevant point's argument

If you are still facing confusion regarding the different kinds of essays, you should seek professional online essay help. If you choose expert guidance, you do not need to worry about the format, content quality, deadlines, etc. It is because their writers carry in-depth research before beginning the work. Further, they arrange the information as per the format of the type of essay. As a result, you will get a top-notch quality essay solution. 

The bottom line

Essay writing is not a complex task if you know about the format. Collect the relevant information about the topic, and work on essay structure as per the format.

But if you want to submit the best essay without wasting time, you can take online essay help. Essay help services will provide you with best essays at budget-friendly prices. Consider the best professional assignment help from LiveWebTutors and transfer your burden to experts. 

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