Ins and outs of getting your car ready for winter

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The cold weather is the sign that winter is just around the corner. Just like people, your car must be prepared when temperature starts to drop. Well-maintained cars will run smoothly in harsh weather and take you safely to your destination. It is also a way to save on your gasoline mileage, help Mother Earth improve the environment and anticipate catch problems before they become serious.

These check lists are best strategies to care for your car this winter:

[1] Tires check

Are your tires winter-ready? There are winter tires with special flexible rubber components whose optimal traction grips ice and snow. Tire pressure drops to the maximum due to cold air so check the air pressure of the four tires, as well as the spare one. Always have tire changing tools on hand. Worn out tires are risky to use in winter.

[2] Car interior check

The interior of your car is worth looking after. You need all-weather mats to keep the inside clean and dry from the elements. Wipe the windows that are blurred by steamy glass to improve visibility.

[3] Regular maintenance

Check-up or change: brake, coolant, oil and transmission fluid. For your oil and automatic transmission, get a high-quality filter.

Top quality filters will also be good for your oil or automatic transmission. Your rotors warped must not be cracked, have with deep grooves and pads are not worn-out. Your lights must work properly to ensure good visibility so install new bulbs. Windshield wipers and blades must not more than half-year old. Last but not the least; your fluid washer reservoir must be filled with a resistant freeze wiper fluid.

 [4] Coolant System check-up

Excessively high temperature coupled with harsh condition is detrimental to your cooling system that has to be flushed and refilled. Use a mixture of 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water. Let the engine be thoroughly cool before removing the radiator cap. Hire a pro technician to provide regular checkup of the clamps, drive belts and hoses. Getting a new thermostat is a wise move.

[5] Check-up stock in your car

It is inevitable for travelers to be stranded in a deserted road during a blizzard or when temperature is several degrees below zero. If you have the Boy Scout’s mentally, you are always prepared for any eventually.

These supplies may save your life:

  • Bag of sand to provide traction if your car is stuck in the snow;
  • Blanket to keep warm;
  • Boots, gloves, and an extra winter coat to be properly dressed for the winter;
  • Chains to keep a steady hold
  • Couple of energy bars and boiled bottled water to satisfy hunger, thirst & provide energy;
  • First aid kit for accidents & emergency
  • Flashlight to light the place;
  • Flares to signal for help;
  • Jumper cables to connect batteries with other vehicle;
  • Ice scraper for removing, frost, ice and snow;
  • Small knife to cut
  • Small shovel to dig, lift and move materials;
  • Water gloves to protect hands from water; and
  • Waterproof matches to light fire.

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