Innovations In The Vaping Culture

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Vaping: An Emergent Subculture – Subcultures and Sociology

The recent popular activity is called vaping and there can hardly be found a person who has not tried it yet. The enormous popularity of the device has brought people to new ideas in vaping. As always, people cannot enjoy the same thing for a long time. They will always try to make something better than it is. The truth is that human beings always seek improvement.

Talking about a technological side of vaping, it is clear that certain novelties take place. They are a must for any device ever invented. Simultaneously, society and its reaction to vaping change. It might be difficult to track the moment when vaping has turned into a separate culture, or, if we may say so, subculture. However, the fact is that the last twenty years were eventful for the industry.

Great number of vape reviews on the best vapesLinks to an external site. have been written. A lot of newly invented technologies were tested. Some vaping companies have become extremely popular, and some have experienced loads of harsh criticism. Many models primarily described as good vapes have disappeared from the market. In addition, a great number of new types of vaping activities appeared.

Vaping as Pandemic

Vaping is sometimes called a pandemic. Those, who do so, try to underline the fact that vaping is not the healthiest hobby available for a person. In addition, many young adults and teenagers are involved in vaping worldwide. This makes the risks of health issues higher and the name seems logical. It is the point where the government has not just got concerned about the issue but also started making laws on preventing the problem.

However, some people are not that much sure that there is any place for panic in this situation. They say that within the previous centuries people have been influenced by a billion frightening factors. Nobody could think of a cig ban a century ago! Therefore, they believe that the vaping problem will be overcome one day but society still needs more time to digest this info. In addition, there might be some ways, which would show the benefits of the habit.

Culture Creation

Vaping industry is actively working on its position in society. A number of vaping fairs, shows, and even competitions appear. Participants are attracted by a number of marketing means. In addition, they are motivated to improve the existing vaping skills. Such events often suggest a number of seminars, vendors, contests, and many other activities aimed at making the number of vapers as big as possible.

Participation in such events helps the young vapers to get to know more about the secret of vaping culture. The newcomers have an opportunity to ask about the best vapes to buy, vaping techniques, and communities of vapers. Massive federal ban on vaping, the possibility of which is vividly discussed, can even boost the development of vaping culture. The evidence of stricter laws on vaping in some states show that it does not make the number of vapers lower. It gives people the reason to create vaping cafes, online communities of vapers, and other niche online and offline institutions for vapers.

Is vaping a Subculture?

Some newsmakers and bloggers often call vaping a subculture. However, we cannot claim that vapers are somehow similar to emos or any other manous subcultures. Subculture definitions claim that a movement can be called so if the participants share identity and are socially close. Talking about vaping, there are some divisions within vapers.

Some of them chase for clouds. This type of vapers see performance as the base of their hobby. They believe that all the vapers can be united as a community. The other type of vapers are those, who truly believe that vaping is a way to take care of themselves. They substitute cigarettes with the best vapes in order to get rid of nicotine addiction and avoid health problems.

What’s New?

According to the topic, we should discuss the new things coming as a part of modern vaping culture. The first and major factor is covid pandemic. While in the first half of 2020 the majority of cultural activities were stopped, the first part of this year is quite promising. If vaccination goes rapidly and smoothly, previous communication and movement can come back. Therefore, usual vaping parties can return to their place in your everyday life.


Modern culture is extremely eclectic. Contemporary means of communication allow people all over the world to reach each other quickly and share information within seconds. This creates a perfect cloth for new cultural peculiarities development. IT happened to vaping as well. The first e cigarettes were produced in the early 00s and they have reached top popularity level thanks to the Internet.

At the same time, the non-target audience was not interested in vaping until it reached their everyday life. The extreme popularity of vaping devices among teens and young adults made their parents read vaping reviews and scientific articles on the topic. Actually, this caused panic. Society has become aware of the existence of this subcultureLinks to an external site. because of the possible threatLinks to an external site. to their usual lives.

This year innovations can look meaningful. It is corona time and people have fear of getting some virus thus they try to avoid public places and all the possible online activities connected to vaping are growing.

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