How to Wear Nike Air Force 1 Sneaker

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When Nike introduced the Air Force 1 shoes in 1982, they didn’t know it will be a phenomenon that will last until today. Bruce Kilgore designed this iconic basketball shoe which was named after the US President’s official aerial carrier. Commonly known as AF1, this is the first model to use their “Air” technology.


In case you’re wondering, the Nike Air technology gives its wearer better flexibility and higher spring using the pressurized airbag within the shoe. Initially designed for basketball players, it became a big hit for streetwear fans. Even though it was discontinued in 1984, it became unstoppable when it re-emerged in 1987 and spawned over 1,700 versions and color combinations.

Today Shopgiayreplica is going to show you a tip how to wear this hot trending Nike Af1 sneaker for people to make confidence whenever go out street.


Wearing Air Force 1 Shoes

Nike Air Force 1 became a hit for fashion enthusiasts due to its comfort, simple design, and stylish build.  It has three design variations that can fit your own lifestyle. It has the High, Mid, and Low variations that can depend on your height and style preference.  You can visit giày Nike AF1 replica at this website shopgiayreplica 161 Chua Lang to try on.


The high-top sneakers have a moveable velcro strap that runs across the ankle. The AF1 mid strap is permanent to the shoe. The low top version doesn’t have a strap but has the same design as its high and mid-top brothers.  

For sneaker enthusiasts, the answer as to which is better is just a matter of height preference. These three designs are comfortable to wear and versatile for any season. So how do you rock your AF1 shoes? Here are some style suggestions:


  1. High-top shoes are great for skinny jeans and jogger pants while the mid and low tops look better on shorts.
  2. For that cool casual look, opt for denim jeans to make your AF1s pop out. Choose a tapered bottom so that it stacks a bit as it touches the shoe area.
  3. Start with the classic AF1 White on White design. It’s timeless and can be paired with any outfit.
  4. Create a relaxed look by letting the straps for high and mid-tops hang loose.

Any casual outfit can go giày Nike Af1 full trắng, especially the White-on-White style. For men, it can work from casual to activewear outfits. For women, it can go from jumpsuits to mini dresses. AF1 shoes can take a beating as athletic shoes, but some owners don’t want them to wear out for longer mileage. To make them last a little longer,


Check out these tips on how to wear them carefully:


  1. Prevent creasing

Creasing is one of AF1’s most common problems.  Some even joked that not wearing sneakers is the best way to prevent it. Others even suggested getting two pairs for casual use and another as a showpiece use.


Seriously, the best solution is simply getting a pair of sneaker guards when in use. You can opt to purchase one, or you can also make one yourself. Wear a sock when using them to cushion the shoe and prevent creasing.  When not in use, use a shoe tree or stuff something inside the shoe to maintain its shape.


If the creasing has started, there are Youtube tutorials on how to remove it by using a hot towel and a mildly warm iron. People who are hesitant to expose their shoes to heat can opt for the ironless method.


  1. Lace wisely

There are a ton of lacing tutorials for AF1s to make them last for a longer time. The basic rule is to not tie the laces too tight to avoid creasing. There are dozens of lacing techniques for the AF1s that you can opt to do. Just make sure it’s workable, especially if you are in a hurry to get in and out of your pair. Also, make sure that it’s secured not to trip over but loose enough not to crease the shoe.


  1. Avoid wet conditions

AF1s may be tough enough for a day in court in sweat, but it won’t last long under wet conditions such as jumping in puddles or walking in the rain. Unlike its more modern counterparts, it doesn’t have the same water-resistant materials. Also, the stitching might be affected if it becomes submerged in water for a long time than usual.



The Air Force 1 is a classic Nike model that will never go out of style. Its long-lasting popularity is all thanks to its simplicity, functionality, and beauty. When you think about it, Nike made the shoes, but it’s the people that made it an icon. Hope Shopgiayreplica 161 Chua Lang give you an exact point about Nike sneakers.

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