Instagram: How to go from 0 to 1000 subscribers

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Well, I agree, the title is a bit (a lot) touting but nevertheless true and accessible to all!

My curiosity recently prompted me to ask myself how to secure a large audience on the Internet from scratch. By digging a little, I then discovered that Instagram was the social network (among all those that exist) on which it is easiest to make yourself known .

Especially since, the network is growing day by day and has millions of users. 

Other people have titanic Facebook pages but, it should be noted that they were not done in a day and that because of the algorithm that decreases the organic reach of publications, it is more difficult to start and especially to have a good reach in terms of its publications.

Let's say you have a project. Think about what 1000 or 2000 qualified leads could do for you. Many, be sure! Or do you have a passion, a hobby and you want to share it with others?

On Instagram , you can start from scratch, with just your smartphone, and build a decent-sized community in just a few weeks.

A great opportunity is then offered to you. And in this article, I give you the keys to success, step by step .

I can tell you this with full knowledge of the facts since I myself have followed these steps, several times, on several themes and in addition, these are techniques used by Instagram users who have "big" accounts (that is, accounts that collect millions of Followers).

Thus, an account that talks about travel, beauty or little cats is more likely to attract people than an account on accounting or IT, themes seen as less glamorous.

But nothing is impossible!

Ready to find out how to take off on Free Instagram Followers ? Let's go!

Here's how to get started on Instagram and go from 0 to thousands of followers quickly.

1.          Be logical and picky on Instagram

To develop your community, you must have a central theme , which is the core of your Instagram account (travel, fashion, new technologies, food, finance…). The choice is wide and varied.

Be careful, however, to choose one and stay fairly consistent from start to finish.

You follow an account that regularly publishes beautiful photos of landscapes. Suddenly, the account begins to be invaded by photos of jewelry, photos of jewelry from a fashion designer. You are not very happy, are you? Well, if you set out to do the same, neither will your subscribers.

2.    Be diligent

Even if aesthetics occupy a large place on Instagram, it is also essential to be diligent to get out of the game on this social network (but also on others).

For example, well-known Youtubers have gained their fame by posting one video per day over a certain period of time .That's why you need to post at least once a day , or even twice.

This allows you to build a relationship with your audience.

The ideal is to set up a meeting every day, at the same time if possible, to publish your content and thus create a real connection .

It's by posting quality, logical content on a daily basis that you can move forward .

3.    Use hashtags

Thanks to hashtags, you can switch from photo to photo, even without a link to your news feed.

They form an internal network on Instagram.

With a hashtag, you can also bring together posts that talk about the same thing .

They also allow you to make sure that even those who don't follow you (but share the same interests as you) can see your posts.

[I'll give you an example: if I have an account talking about nice swimming pools, then I could use the following hashtags: #pool #bath #pool #nager #swimminpool #swim  etc]

There are also sites that help you find the best hashtags for your posts.

However, be aware that Instagram has a built-in search engine that can help you find hashtags.

Do not neglect this function because it can be used to grow your account.

4.    Take care of your profile

Although this may seem obvious to you, this aspect is often overlooked.

Remember that your profile is your showcase on Instagram and therefore you need to take care of it.

First, choose a profile photo that is well framed and adapted to Instagram format (in a circle).

If you have decided to put a logo as your profile picture, be sure to place it in the center of the circle.

Then write your biography carefully. You have the opportunity to reveal your personality in a few words but also what you plan to post on your profile.

(Moderate) use of emojis can reinforce your point.

If you have a website, this is the place to insert a link that will redirect your subscribers to that site .

This is your only chance to place a link on Instagram. So don't hesitate!

5.    Use competitors' subscribers or Mass Follow

What is mass-follow? This indicates to follow a large number of accounts in order to be noticed by those who have these accounts so that they follow you back (follow-back).

This practice, common to Twitter and Instagram, is very common although it is controversial.

Indeed, the mass-follow can be used inappropriately and thus approach spam.

For my part, I target the most popular Instagram accounts that look like mine and then I follow their followers (and I advise you to do the same).

This is how you can develop a network of subscribers who are interested in your content .

6.    Be active and present

It's not enough to post a photo every day, you also need to mark your presence on Instagram.

You can, for example, go to the various hashtags of your theme and Free Instagram likes and Instagram Comments on the publications.

For example, avoid always writing the same comment under each photo.

It shows right away and it's not necessarily pleasant.

Indeed, it is akin to spam and everyone is doing very well.

Better to make personalized comments .

Finally, it also helps you know the times of the day and the days of the week when your followers are most active.

Particularly useful for knowing when to publish your content and thus optimize its impact.

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