Family Guide: CBD for kids

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If you’re a parent, you’ll do everything to keep your kid healthy no matter what it takes. You might have heard about CBD and how it is helping people with various health conditions. If you don’t know much about CBD and are considering it as a treatment option for your kid, we have got you covered.

When a child is sick and the other traditional medications aren’t helping, parents turn to the alternatives that are more effective. This is why CBD is becoming more popular among parents because it is very helpful in handling various health conditions. There are many CBD products that are sold online and are present in stores but most of them are unregulated. If you are in search of reliable CBD products for kids, we recommend you visit

How to get the best CBD oil for kids

There are certain things that determine the quality of CBD oil. If you are in search of CBD oil products that are reliable and are of top-notch quality, you must consider some factors before making a purchase. Following are some points that make or break the quality of CBD oil:

Hemp source

Hemp is a type of cannabis sativa plant that absorbs everything from the environment where it is cultivated. When this plant is grown in a clean and pure environment with good growing conditions, it pulls all the good nutrients from the soil to grow healthy and strong and produce a good quantity of CBD.

When the growing conditions are not good such as if the soil is polluted, the plant will absorb pollutants along with some nutrients and this will result in a bad quality plant with very less productive materials. So, it is imperative that you consider buying from domestic farmers who prefer organic hemp plants because they are more reliable. This will make sure that you get a good quality and pure CBD oil for your kid.

The method of extraction

The method of extraction also plays an important role in the quality of CBD oil. There are some CBD oil manufacturers that use toxic compounds like butane and propane for extracting the product. They do so to save the cost and then sell CBD oil at a low price. As a result, there are harmful and toxic substances included in CBD oil and can be dangerous for the kids, and even adults.

The best method for CBD oil extraction is through CO2 and Ethanol that doesn’t leave behind any residue in the final product. For making CBD tinctures high CBD bud is soaked in Ethanol or any other high-proof alcohol so that the hems and CBD compounds are extracted. For making CBD oil, CO2 extraction method is preferred in which pressurized CO2 at varying temperatures is used for obtaining the oil. This extract is then suspended in MCT oil or any other carrier oil to obtain good quality CBD oil. These are the standard methods for making CBD oil and they end up in reliable CBD products.

Isolate or full spectrum CBD oil?

The isolate CBD contains the highest amount of pure isolate CBD and is available in a variety of forms such as with flavor or odor. The full spectrum CBD contains flavonoids, terpenes, essential oils, some traces of THC and overall all phytonutrients of hemp.

Since a user needs lesser CBD for a particular treatment, CBD oil that is obtained from the whole point is more beneficial as compared to the isolate form. According to our recommendation, full spectrum CBD is a better choice for kids as it contains a lower amount of CBD. However, if your child is suffering from any kind of allergy from the hemp plant or its constituents or you are concerned about even the smallest amount of CBD in your child’s body, then you must go for the isolate one.

Lab results and third party testing

Third party testing is much needed as the testing is done by another company to make sure whether the CBD product is safe to be consumed or not. The manufacturers should thus, make sure that their products are satisfied by third parties. Also, a company must make sure that the third party tests and lab results are available on the label or the website for information.

Lab results are always needed as they indicate the quality and reliability of a CBD product. If a CBD product doesn’t mention the details of third party testing and lab results, then it is shady because they didn’t want the ingredients and constituents of their products to be revealed.

What are the effects of CBD on kids?

CBD has been very effective in handling some types of health conditions such as epilepsy in kids, and this is the reason why parents are looking forward to it. It is now used as a nutritional supplement as it doesn’t cause high and is free from intoxication. CBD is being used mainly for these medical conditions:

CBD for kids with anxiety

CBD interacts with the chemicals in the brain that are responsible for bringing emotions and controlling mood. It works for anxiety as it stays in the body for a longer period to reduce anxiety and stabilize the mood. Parents are using it for controlling anxiety in their children and there are many positive results coming forward.

CBD for kids with ADHD

Some children get agitated and overstimulated very easily and this condition is known as attention disorder. If your child has such an issue, it can be handled with CBD as it helps in such hyperactivity symptoms. CBD also helps if your child is having sleep related issues; lack of good sleep also affects mental and physical health.

CBD for kids with autism

There is no complete cure for autism but there are treatments and medications that can help autistic children feel better. There are many promising results regarding the use of CBD for kids with autism but we need more studies and research on this topic to reach a conclusion.

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