10 Best Time Management Apps for Homework and Assignments

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Time management is an essential skill that needs you to be effective and well planned in articulating tasks. Though necessary, acquiring perfection in time management is nearly almost impossible with the student's busy life. For this reason, technology has helped in giving apps that enhance productivity while making you more organized as you check off key topics to be tackled while handling homework.

  • myhomework student planner

It is integrated with a calendar for a student to track their assignments and important events. Additionally, the homework widget allows you to sync your tasks and receive reminders when homework is due.

Available for: iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

  • Evernote

It allows you to keep your thoughts as well as your assignment in an organized manner. It will enable you to sync personal notes across devices. This free app allows up to 60MB of data every month that can be upgraded later on. It will enable you to take notes and do your reading assignment seamlessly as you search for tags or keywords in the notes themselves.

Available for: IOS, Android, Web, Windows, and macOS.

  • Pomodairo

It is an Adobe air app that allows you to mark your assignment where you are getting distracted and assess how long you spent on different tasks. It, therefore, uses the Pomodoro technique that allows breaking up your work into intervals of 25minutes while taking a short break after each one.

  • StayFocused

When doing assignments online, you may be distracted by social media or other distracting websites. This app is an extension that lets you restrict the amount of time you go on wasting sites.

  • Remember the Milk

It syncs with all devices and integrates with your emails and calendar. This to-do list service easily integrates with other web apps such as Gmail and desktop apps, allowing you to set your tasks, prioritize and get emails when they are due.

Available for: IOS, Android, Web, Windows, and macOS.

  • 2Do

This app uses color coding and lets you categorize tasks by priority and subject. Moreover, you can order your assignments either by importance or type using these colors. The variation of colors thus differentiates jobs into categories.

Available for: IOS, Android, Windows, macOS.

  • Studious

This mobile app allows students to input their class schedules onto the app, and it will automatically silence their phones during those times. This app also is integrated with various institutions' maps and connects with Facebook.

Available for: IOS and Android

  • Focus Booster

This app is also built on the Pomodoro technique and allows you to break your schedule into smaller bits. It helps in tracking tasks for homework, research, or study. It has dashboards for time usage and breaks reminders to make you more productive.

Available for: Web, Windows, macOS, IOS, and Android.

  • 30/30

It is a gesture-based app that divides tasks into 30 minute periods with breaks in between. It allows you to set up a list of jobs and the length of time for each of them. It works under the theory that getting 30 minutes or more of concentrated work will accomplish that task on time.

Available for: IOS, Android, Windows, macOS.

  • Rescue Time

It allows you to know how much time you are spending your time on a computer. Hence it runs in the background and tracks your online activity. Afterward, when reviewing these activities, you can rate them as very distracting or very productive.

Available for: IOS, Android, Windows, macOS.

Different homework planners and time management apps work differently; hence practicing on them to know which the best one is the only option to discern which is best. Most are available in the free version that you get time to work on them. You get to be organized in your school routines and be able to do a multitude of assignments. If navigating through these apps makes you get caught with deadlines, you can seek our 24/7 assignment services from an online homework doer and get instant help with your assignments.

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