Face Masks and Bandanas and Where They Fit in With Rave Culture

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Given the recent pandemic, there has been a lot of focus on facemask and bandanas of late. However, those involved in the rave community can testify that the use of masks and bandanas was something that ravers were doing in the late 1980s.

Masks and bandanas are more than an addition to an outfit, to some, they are an integral part of the rave movement.

Although the concept of masks and bandanas are nothing new in the rave community, the variations and designs available eclipse the options of yesteryear with ease.

The Birth of the Bandana into Rave Culture

Although some can have negative connotations concerning bandanas, the truth is that the headpiece is something that has been embraced by several different cultures as well as the rave community.

Not only are bandanas versatile, but they can be used as an additional layer to an outfit that helps it pop. The bandana was one of the first additions into the rave culture, simply because of how diverse the garment is when creating innovative rave outfits.

As well as looking the part, there is a practical use for bandanas. Despite how fun it is to dance away into the early hours, it can mean we sweat more than usual. The use of a bandana ensures that ravers always get a clear view of the visuals when attending a rave.

Similarly, those attending a rave when it is warm will find that the addition of a bandana is an excellent way of keeping cool.

Whether it is worn around the face or on top of the head, the bandana is a versatile piece of rave clothing that should be in everybody’s rave kit.

The Fascination of Face Masks in the Rave Community

Although not as prevalent as bandanas, face masks are still a massive part of the rave community. There are instances where practicality is almost minimal, but this does not matter to those looking to stand out among the crowd when attending a rave.

Mask designs are drawn from several different inspirations. Some may like to have fun with Victorian-era designs, whereas others amplify their love of their 90s with cyber-related designs. As with many other aspects of the rave culture, wearing a mask is about showing who you are and embracing the fun-loving spirit that raves deliver.

Whereas some masks are focused on being flamboyant, other iterations offer similar benefits to that of a bandana. There has also been a recent influx of face masks designed to protect those attending events during a pandemic.

Which is Best for Me: A Mask or Bandana?

Although those that have attended a rave in the past will know what kind of wardrobe suits them best, those attending for the first time may be unsure of which will serve them better, a mask or a bandana.

There is no straightforward answer. Finding the right garment depends on when and where the rave will be taking place. For example, if you are attending an event where crowds are expected, then it can be a good idea to invest in a face mask that protects you, while still offering a unique design.

The flexibility of modern masks often means that there is no reason as to why both can’t be taken along, and this ensures that you’re covered in all instances. 

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