Did Key Break In The Lock? 4 Ways To Fix The Mess While Being Patient

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You never know the dreadful feeling of hearing the snap and realizing your key broke in the lock. You may find a silver lining from the awful scene and think that at least the door opens since the lock is inside. But does it?

Before trying any of your self-discovered methods that may work and that you never tested before, try out the following solutions to get yourself out of the mess.

Prepping and Reminder:

The first thing that you realize is that in no way should you push the key more in-depth into the lock. When the key first snaps, the immediate instinct is to see if you can turn it in and open whatever door you are trying to open. Don’t do that. Attempting to reinsert your key will result in the broken section to delve deeper into the lock cylinder. And we don’t want that.

Bring the portion that is sticking out in your hand and keep it aside. You will need this later once you or your locksmithLinks to an external site. brings out the broken section. The two will help him make your new key.

Now, you will need to grab your spray lubricant. Insert the nozzle into the keyway to make sure the rest of the area adjacent to it isn’t unnecessarily greased. Dry lubricants are ideal in the situation compared to oil-based lubricants, which may overly lubricate and gum the pathway.

A couple of things you may have in hand to help you in the processes that follow include needle nose pliers, bobby pins, tweezers, paper clips, safety pins, key extractors, super glue, etc.

What To Do If Your Key Broke Inside the Lock:


Tweezers are the first thing people run after when key breaks, but whether or not this will depend on how far inside the broken section is and how thick the ends of the tweezers are. If you are not aware, the tweezers may push the broken part far into the keyway.

So, most of the average tweezers will be out of the equation. However, if you have a tweezer that can hug the sides of the broken key to pull them out and not block the keyway or push the broken part inside, do this method.

Needle Nose Pliers and Mini Hacksaw Blades:

If you do not have a tweezer-like we mentioned, you can make an extractor for the moment. You can cut a section in the form of a super-thin metal from your mini hacksaw blade, just thin enough to be in line with your broken key.

You can use the plier to cut out the metal blade. Now, you can insert the jagged edge, thus broken from the blade into the lock. Line up this jagged edge with the form of the key. Now turn and pull to bring out the broken part.

Super Glue:

No. We do not mean to close the keyway with a superglue entirely. You can use the superglue to bring out the broken key. For this, you have to let a tiny bit of the glue onto a match stick and push it inside the keyway to let it rest on the broken key.

When the glue dries, simply pull out the section. If you think the matchstick will not be able to perform the operation, use a wire. Be sure to check on the quantity of glue applied and the time for which you will need to wait before you bow out the broken part.

door-slider-door-hook-door-latch-door-lock-10-cm.jpg (800×800)

Prodding and Pulling:

This is the one you are most familiar with and have seen in movies and clips. Take two pieces of metal, and bobby pins would do too and prod the keyway to pull out the key. Line up the pins with the warding on the lock. Slowly and steadily apply firm pressure on the lock and pull the key towards you. Continuing this a couple of times will get the key out.

Calling a professional:

This remains your last resort. If you think you are pushing the key in further and you are only ruining the keyway with none of these working, get help from someone who can.


With the right material and the right method, you should be able to bring out any key that broke into a lock. The best thing that you can do while carrying on the processes will be to keep your head and take your time. If you are in a rush or hurry to the ends, you can fail. And if you can’t do it without trembling hands and sweating profusely, call in a professional.

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