Common Door-Lock Problems And Solutions

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Doorknobs, locks, and keys have been a regular part of our day-to-day life that keep our property, house, belongings, and offices safe and secured. So it is incredibly important to have a sound and basic knowledge about some common door-lock problems and solutions as this most necessary tool of everyday life that often goes unnoticed.

Locks can wear out easily if their lifetime is deteriorating, and people should know when and how to solve different door locks problems, which can save them a lot of trouble and would not need to rely on locksmiths.

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A-List of Common Door Locks Problems and Solutions

Alignment problems in the door latch

One of the most common doors locks problems is that often the latch of the door doesn’t lock due to a misalignment with the strike plate, which causes the door not to shut or operate smoothly.

An effortless way to fix this is to adjust the strike plate or deepen the plate to align it with the latch. Of course, if the solution is much more complicated, one can always call in a professional locksmith.Links to an external site.

Loose door locks, knobs and handles

When door locks, doorknobs, and handles become old and wear out after using for an extended period, they tend to get loose, and any thief or burglar can unlock your door by just using a simple hairpin. The simplest way to fix this problem is to tightening the loose screws if the door locks. A few screwdrivers can assist in fixing.

Also, if the loosening is due to broken screws, one can buy new screws from the local hardware stores and attach them in place of the old ones with the screwdriver. Of course, in a situation of a much more complex solution, it is wise to get the help of professional handymen or locksmiths.

Key is stuck inside the lock

This is the most common door locks problems and is very frustrating for almost every person in the world. A very usual cause of this is when someone is in a rush and tries to unlock a door quickly and, in result, ends up breaking the key inside the lock. Besides, inserting a wrong key and inserting new keys can trigger the key to break and get stuck inside the lock.

One should never hurry while unlocking door locks. Furthermore, using lubricants like WD-40, when keys are stuck inside the lock, can come to assist in removing the stuck key.

Lock seizures

When keys are inserted into the lock, but it doesn’t function or keys don’t turn inside the lock to unlock the door, it means that the lock has seized up. This problem occurs when the door locks do not function properly, or keys are forced inside the door locks.

So the best way to avoid this problem is never to force any key inside the lock and never force open door locks with stuck keys. Using lubricants like graphite and silicone spray can also help in the process of fixing the problem.

Frozen lock

This is a regular problem in winters and places where temperature can go very low. Friezing door locks mean that keys cannot be inserted inside the lock.

The easiest way to solve this problem is to apply heat with a hairdryer or blow-dryer to melt the ice. However, it is vital to use limited heat so that the lock doesn’t get damaged.

Stuck bolt

The lock bolt is usually stuck when there are mechanical problems in the door locks. This means that the door locks are faulty due to wearing out.

The only way to fix this problem is to remove the whole lock and find the origin of the defect. If you’re experienced and skilled with door locks, this can be easily solvable with minor tools at home. But in most cases, it is best to call in a professional locksmith in this type of door locks problem.

Pushbutton locks

Sometimes pushbutton and electric locks can cause dysfunction due to when there is the overflow of electricity, or the lock system somehow gets electrified too much.

The most suitable way to solve this is to call in professionals as working with wires and electrical door locks system is complicated.

But, you can check the batteries all by yourself so that they are working correctly and always make sure that you are using alkaline batteries of renowned brands.


Crime has been overgrowing in this world, and so keeping your door locks fixed is the most fundamental responsibility. People mostly don’t take these common door locks problems seriously, but they should be tackled efficiently and always immediately.

Average homeowners can handle these common door-lock problems and solutions. However, you should always check the door locks problems from professionals whenever possible.

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