How to reuse your Tote Bags in many ways

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A student named Logan Beasley recently carried out some research and discovered that on average, out of the popular choices of paper, plastic, and canvas, canvas was the sturdiest material for shopping bags. The standard paper bag can hold a maximum weight of 35 pounds, and plastic only bears 27 pounds, whereas canvas tote bags can hold up to a whopping 43 pounds of weight.
And that isn’t even the best part! You probably didn’t know this, but the average canvas tote bag can be used up to 7000 times!!! That means you can use and reuse your favourite canvas tote and utilize it to its maximum potential to help save the environment!

Here are some ways you can reuse your reusable bags on campus:

Use to pack a working lunch
A tote bag is ideal to carry a packed lunch. Since tote bags are more robust compared to plastic and paper bags, they’re better suited to carry food. In case your food spills, canvas totes can be washed easily in a washing machine making it a superior choice over plastic and paper.

Use to carry your gym gear
On days where you plan on hitting the gym right after class, you can carry your trainers and gym clothes in a tote. Carrying around a bulky sports bag all day isn’t very practical. 

Use to store bulky items in your wardrobe
Raise your hand if this has ever happened to you, you open your wardrobe and everything spills out. We’ve all fallen victim to the ocean of unorganized stuff that threatens to spill every time we open the door. While you can hide the clutter behind closed doors, you really don’t need to. Tote bags are great for organisation. You can stuff them and put them in drawers or the bottom of a wardrobe. 

Use to carry your groceries home
Tote bags are not only stronger than conventional plastic or paper supermarket bags, but they’re also better for the environment. If you have ever had cold grocery items sweat their way through the paper bag, you know how annoying that can be. 

Use on Vacation
You can fold and carry tote bags in your suitcase when you travel. Since tote bags easily fold flat, they don’t take up any space and if you slip a few in your luggage, you can easily carry your holiday shopping and souvenirs. They’re also great to separate your dirty laundry you’re your clean clothes in your suitcase. 

Use to carry your laptop
To keep your hands free, you can carry your laptop in its sleeve in a tote bag. Thus you can carry your laptop easily on your shoulder and add paperwork in a slim file there as well to make sure your reports and submissions don’t crease on the way.

Use on a picnic
Once picnic weather arrives, tote bags are super handy to pack a picnic lunch. You can also use them to carry other picnic essentials like blanket, games, crockery and cutlery. 

Use to store cleaning products
You can store all your cleaning products in a handy tote bag instead of having the stuff spread out all over your dorm room. Not only is that a safer option, you also know where to find something when you need it. 

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