How to proofread your assignment to give it a professional look

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Proofreading your assignment goes beyond mere grammar checking and includes checking for the content, appearance of written work, typo errors, spelling errors, and ensuring the presentation style matches with the requirements of the module. Proofreading assignment is the final stage of the assignment writing work however it should not be neglected if the assignment is poorly presented then it leads to losing marks. Here are a few steps that you can use to ensure your assignment is properly proofread.

  • Use the right tense 

The usage of tense in the assignment should display consistency with the purpose of your assignment. The most commonly used tense in academic writing is simple present tense. The exception is when you are writing about a historical event or past research. The work of the other authors and facts are presented using this tense. For example, Limberly (2015) suggests that one of the ways to increase productivity is through flexible working arrangements. Use present perfect tense when you have to emphasize on the recent change. For example ‘Over the last 15 years, the rise in urban population has led to significant traffic issues.

  • Take care of typos 

Typo mistakes should be removed, people usually think faster than they write as a result few words get omitted during writing. This changes the complete meaning of the sentence. Typos like form or from, too or to, been or bean, etc. are very common.

  • Make use of software to check grammar

Making use of software to check grammar is also a good option. However, you should not purely rely on the software. The software helps in highlighting typo errors, punctuation errors, article errors, and subject-verb agreement errors. The use of a dictionary to check the spelling is a good habit.

  • Use of capitalization, apostrophes, full stops, commas, and colons

Always check that the right punctuations are used. Punctuation is the most neglected aspect of assignment writing. Missing punctuation or incorrect punctuation changes the meaning of the sentences. For example, in this sentence how the meaning changes when the comma is removed.

Most of the time, travellers worry about their luggage.”

“Most of the time travellers worry about their luggage.”

Use capital where necessary for example personal names, organizations, or the start of a sentence. If you are using the capital word for words like Globalization, University, etc. ensure that throughout the document this trend is followed.

  • Use either American English or The UK English but not both.

As per instructions, American English or UK English should be used however many students use both, this displays a lack of consistency. For e.g. Using “organisation” and “organization” in different places in the same document should be avoided.

  • Use the right parallel structure

Parallel structure means verb forms used within a list-like sentence are consistent with each other. For example, make note of the use of “ing” in this sentence. 

 The decision making involves analyzing the situation, formulating a strategy for a value proposition, making strategic plans, successfully implementing the plan, and monitoring outcomes.

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