This Transactional Email Service Provider Delivers Ecommerce Email Reliably

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Transactional emails are any messages that are sent in response to a customer transaction, such as payment receipts, order confirmation, shipping information, delivery updates, etc.

The good thing about is that they open and read at a much higher speed than typical email messages. They also do not fall under the guidance of the CAN-Spam Act, which means that it does not have to include a voluntary exclusion mechanism.

Believe it or not, there is a high possibility that up to 74% of the SMTP relay software you use to communicate with your clients and potential clients are transactional messages. At least that's what Jupiter Research concluded in its recent study. I was a little skeptical about the 74% figure until I really started looking at what constitutes a transactional email message. This covers everything from:

Order confirmations

Service confirmations

Shipping notifications

Booking confirmations

Electronic tickets

Inventory updates


Payment notifications

Customer service messages

Information request messages

The problem that most of us small business owners face with our transactional messages  SMTP software is that they often occur behind the scenes. These messages are generally sent by our shopping cart program or our email service provider or software system. Many small business owners don't even know when these messages are sent and don't realize that these messages can be changed.

Fortunately, your transnational email services  can be changed. Depending on your setup and the system you're using, you may need to find someone with a bit of technical experience to dig deeper into coding if you're not comfortable doing it yourself.

What kind of changes should you be making?

First, check the branding on your email relay service messages. These messages are a great way to build rapport with your customers and help them build trust in your business. Are you using a template that is consistent with the appearance of your site design and other marketing materials? Do these messages include your own logo or the logo of your email service provider? When your client opens your transactional messages, you should not receive an unexpected design.

If you intend to do an email marketing campaign like SMTP relay provider, you can check out the many online service providers that can drive your campaign and get results, most email marketing service providers have a lot of experience in doing emails. Marketing campaigns.

The majority of them:

Have software that helps you create quality emails that grab your audience's attention, help you stay focused, and build good relationships with your customers.

Have software that analyzes your customers' needs and requirements that you can use to maximize your campaign and drive targeted traffic to your website.

Track all responses to your emails, which opens the emails, which links they click on. Provide you with the email addresses of customers who open and click links. This will help you in future campaigns to target those clients who have demonstrated that a stakeholder is a particular aspect or area of ​​interest to them.

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