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A good GMAT score is integral to ascertaining admit to one’s dream B-school. To help GMAT aspirants in this pursuit, likewise, several GMAT coaching programs have been developed. However, while some programs are better than the others, Experts’ Global’s online GMAT prep program is the most comprehensive, competent, and efficient GMAT prep program. The program was rolled out in 2018, and ever since, thousands of GMAT aspirants have accessed it, with a large majority reporting significant improvement in their performances.

The following section discusses the program’s most notable features that make it a worthy choice for students preparing for GMAT.


Similarity to the GMAT

The Experts’ Global GMAT Online Program is strikingly similar to the GMAT. Each of the 4000 practice and mock test questions that are included in the package aptly mimic the GMAT in terms of the difficulty level, pattern of questions, scope, etc. Even the GMAT scoring pattern has been represented in the Experts’ Global’s online GMAT prep package. This is a significant achievement because the GMAT scoring algorithm is not public knowledge and, consequently, the practice or mock test-developers have not been successful in recreating the same. Students who have used the Experts’ Global’s online GMAT prep program have repeatedly affirmed a similarity between their mock test scores and their GMAT scores.  

Number and Quality of Mock Tests

Experts’ Global’s online GMAT prep program includes 15, full-length GMAT mock tests, a number comparatively higher than what is provided by most other mock test series. Experts’ Global believes that only regular practice can help you build test-taking endurance and strategy. Moreover, as these tests are unbelievably similar to the GMAT on all aspects, regularly practicing with these mocks helps to psychologically attune the students to the GMAT environment and ensure that the test-takers can derive an accurate understanding of their GMAT performance. You can even take a free GMAT mock to better understand the features.

Weakness Diagnosis

The Experts’ Global online GMAT test prep package’s effectiveness has been bolstered by the inclusion of an AI –enabled weakness diagnostics system. This software can analyze your performance on each test to tell you the areas that you performed the best and worst in and the total amount of time you took to answer each type of questions. It can even analyze your performance over a series of mock tests to provide you with a broad insight of your weaknesses. This is helpful because the analytics help you tailor your prep strategy to suit your learning requirements; you must be able to identify your weaknesses so as to improve upon the same.  

Video Instruction

A rich gamut of self-study resources is another distinguishing feature of this online GMAT prep series. Each of the questions is accompanied by a set of video and text explanations. You may refer to either to understand the approach to a particular question. These explanations also suggest the most efficient approach to solving a question. Thus, if you are unable to solve a question or you are trying to reduce the time taken to solve a type of question, these self-study resources will be immensely helpful.


Experts’ Global’s online GMAT prep package is an online, on-demand program. Thus, it is an extremely convenient prep option for the working professional. In actuality, most of the GMAT aspirants happen to be full-time working professional. Hence, it becomes immensely difficult for them to keep to their class schedule while meeting deliverables at work. In such context, an online program accords the necessary flexibility to the student, thus assuring that the student studies at his/her own pace and comfort.

Special Features

Experts’ Global is duly invested in ensuring the best learning experience to its students. Hence, in designing the entire online GMAT prep package, they have taken care of even the nuanced aspects by including several interesting features such as the Flag and the Sticky. If you wish to take down important points while you are watching an instructional video or solving questions, you can use Sticky. This is a small, pop-up window that can be fixed on your front screen and used to take down notes. Similarly, if you wish to revise a question later, you can simply flag the same. This way, you can store 100s of questions, which you found particularly interesting, to be revised later.

It, therefore, goes without saying that the Experts’ Global GMAT online training program is the most well-constructed and convenient study resources for all GMAT applicants. Including robust features and top-quality academic resources, this prep program allows well-paced but rigorous training in GMAT, ultimately helping the student ace the good GMAT score. Undoubtedly, you must select Experts’ Global’s online training program if you are planning to take the GMAT.

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