What to look for when hiring a Plumber?

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Whether it’s a dripping sound (tip, tip, tip) coming from your bathroom in the middle of the night, or it’s a damaged faucet that costs you more than to pay the annual taxes, all you need is to call an expert immediately.

You cannot compromise on water leakage and wastage, especially when you are living in the UK. So if you are ready to call a pro to fix your dripping pipes or you are heading for new kitchen or bathroom making, then it’s time to call them.

But wait, did you know who to call? Did you know anybody who is so expert in his job or you are going to test him? If you are a person who really doesn’t know who to call when your tabs need rescue, then leave it on me.

I am a plumbing and heating expert and working on plumbing equipment. So in this post, I will let you know about how you can hire a plumber for your home.

Do it yourself or Call a Pro

Let’s be frank here as I will suggest you to check it by yourself if the leakage or problem is a minor one. In fact, you can learn so many things about plumbing in this manner. And most of that, you can save some money to buy some cookies and cake for your children.

However, the knowledge of plumbing is not a tough thing; you just need to focus on it. Once you analyze the fault with detail, you will be able to fix the fault by yourself.

Although there are some slangs of plumbing that you might find difficult, once you get into it, you will understand the minor thing quickly.

But practice makes a man perfect is a 100% true thing because you will need to do some practice to know how much to wrench the PVC pipe to screw it until it does not break.

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And if the scenario is more complicated, then yes, it’s time to call an expert. Before you hire any plumber, you should try him on other minor things like tap leakages to check his expertise.

A plumber should be qualified and certified by the government. And he should also be insured. Now the government has announced to get the license for plumbing, so always ask him to show his license.

He should be aware with your Area

You should call a plumber who already has experience of working in your town or neighbourhood, and he also knows your area codes.  

He should be an expert to work in a close environment and create a mess as little mess as he can. He should also be careful about your appliances, shelves, tiles etc. Only drills the whole when it is needed and prevents the damage to floors, cabinets, pipelines and all other things like it.

So besides this, you should ask the following questions to your plumber before you make a deal.

Questions to ask before Appointing

 Ask the following couple of questions to your plumber and then finalize the deal to work with.

What would be the total expenses?

One thing keeps in mind that a professional and skilled plumber can only give you an estimate when he properly examines the damage.

They often include the price of any replacing part if needed during the repair so you can ask them if your price is only your fee or the spare part’s price is also included.

Do you have a License?

Now the government has issued a license to plumbers to get qualified for plumbing jobs. You need to ask your expert whether he has a license or not.

A licensed plumber will cost you a bit more but will deliver fine quality results and peace of mind.

How do you like to get paid? Hourly or fixed price?

This is another necessary question to ask as some of the time they only tell you the price of repairs, and when the job gets done, they tell you that their service was based on the hourly charges.

So to elude any misconception, you should ask him before the work starts.


These are some of the essentials points that I personally consider to keep in mind when you are looking for a plumbing rescue.

Always make sure that a plumber is licensed, insured, and have some experience in this field. In a matter of repair charges, make it clear before they start their job.

I hope you will like these points and this guide will help you to decide what to look for when hiring a plumber.

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