Style, Fashion and Personal Style - The Pressure and the Opportunity

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Today, fashion is more and more about personal style, taking trends, and making them yours. Women embrace fashion and the fashion use style to express personality, but for many, the pressure to create a personal style is overwhelming.

Our world is increasingly about image and fashion and style are applied to it. These changes of fashion are influencing our desire and ability to incorporate style into our own lives. The main influencers in the market are:

  • Our greatest interest in celebrities
  • The adoption of body shapes and sizes.
  • The general availability of more affordable and fashionable clothes
  • Hot, modern, elegant and sexy - 30s, 40s, 50s
  • Women have less to spend on clothing.

Celebrities like fashion, and we want to know everything about them. Where they go and what wear is great news. They cover of our favorite magazines and endorse our coveted luxury items. We follow all their fashion movements, we want what they have; Louis Vuitton bags, "it" designer jeans, Gucci sunglasses ... the list goes on and on. In today's celebrities not only wear the latest and greatest fashions, but they also define what fashion is. All media exposure drives the 'want' factor in fashion. We want what they have.

Celebrities are influential and receive increasing attention, exposure, and mindsets. This can be seen even more by explosion of celebrities as cover models in our favorite magazines. Years ago, fashion models were the covers of fashion magazines, but today they are the stars of the music industry and the big/small screen. Not only is her photo on the cover, but it's a featured story that month.

Adoption of all bodies

The increased coverage and variety of fashion has also opened the door to what we perceive to be beautiful. We slowly change the old stereotype of beauty. In today life we are exposed to a wide range of ages, bodies, and styles.

Availability and accessibility of conventional fashion

Fashion has become widespread. High-end clothing designers create designer clothing for mainstream retailers like Target and Wal-Mart. This availability of affordable and stylish clothing and myntra coupons allows women to be more stylish and raises the expectation of greater fashion and style for everyone. Stores have opened many doors for women to adopt the latest fashion offerings at affordable prices. This is a blessing and a curse; Women have the opportunity to find and pay for fashionable clothes, but they have more pressure to be fashionable.

Hot, modern, stylish and sexy

30, 40, and 50. Thirty are the Twenty, Forty are the thirty and Fifty are the new Forty, and the definitions of women in their 30s and 40s like Puma and Cougar prove that the sexy no longer have an age limit.

In short, women are under pressure to look good and don't want to spend money on the road. By selecting the right cuts for your body, the colors that favor, and the styles.

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