Using Press Releases As Part of Your Web Marketing Strategy For SEO Domination

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PR is a great thing to add to your web marketing strategy. Articles are usually your opinion or story, while a press release marks an event or special occasion. Think of news! Not "advantageous".

Use a best press release service to position yourself as an advocate and own your brand.

People will "Google" your name, and when your press releases appear in search results, you will gain instant trust. These types of people do their homework at their business opportunity and are generally ready to lead.

Use Word or another text editing application to write your press release. You can quickly paste the text of your press release onto the online distribution forms.

Caution: Press releases are published on billions of websites and are permanent. So be sure to check and review everything because you can't change it later.West Virginia Wrongful Death Lawyer Jeff Robinette you will get incredible exposure, so make it a good exposure.

Choose your reasons for the press release:

  • your new video series or
  • ebook
  • your new website
  • your new team
  • your new blog
  • interviews
  • launching your new business

Optimizing the press release

Choose keywords, including your name and / or your company name. Consider the endorsement of other brands. Stick to a visible mark, especially on the header. You will get the exposure that the brand is generating. Include this in your web marketing strategy. Add your keywords 3 or 4 times in your text:

  • the first sentence and
  • twice more throughout the text, preferably in the last paragraph as well
  • once in the header and
  • once in the first paragraph

Think about your contact information

Include a real phone number and email address so people can reach you. But, don't give out your daily contact information. You may want to create an email or have an designated specifically for the public relations contact.

You will appear more like a "great" company if you don't use their name as a point of contact, especially if the quote within the launch is yours. You can make up a name or use an employee's name.

Header Use your primary keyword, your URL, and your name in the header and subtitle. Also, indicate the occasion and why it matters. Make sure it's really news, and not "for sale". 

1st paragraph

The opening sentence should have your location, who you are and what you announce. Nine times out of ten this is simply a reiteration of your title, but remember that people often only read the first line of their release and the last line.

2nd paragraph

This should be a quote about why this occasion is important, what is the goal, what is the mission of this web marketing strategy? It could be from you or someone in your company, or it could be interviewing someone related to the event.

Writing your 3rd paragraph

This should be your summary. Get your keywords in the body copy and spell out what will happen this time. Interlace your keywords in this paragraph and your URL once again. Include a video if possible, in your press release. This will increase your conversion rate 8 times, always be sure to include video as part of your web marketing strategy.

Writing your fourth paragraph

The last paragraph is about your company. Write down information about your opportunity that you can keep on file as part of your templates for your web marketing strategy. Add it at the end of all your press releases.

Distribute your press release online

Today, with the Internet it is very easy to distribute press releases and include them as part of your web marketing strategy. Just create an account at any or all of the following sites, and then copy and paste the text from your text document into the forms on the distribution site. Once you are logged in it will be clear what to do. This will complete the high-tech marketing public relations method.

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