Clarifying Every Doubt Regarding Bathing Your Newborn

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Do you know what's special about a newborn? Everything that your little champ does for the first time. Yes, whenever your baby speaks her first word, has her first feed, has the first bath, crawls/walks for the first time, etc., you feel that rush. You definitely don't want to miss anything. 

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As amusing as these cute little moments are, there is an equal amount of responsibility on the parents. These responsibilities ensure that you don't miss that smile on a baby's face. And we know, you won't let anything unwanted happen. The article is to make sure that every parent knows how to bathe the baby in the initial years of life. Now, let's jump onto the technical part. 

Considerations While Bathing the Baby


Unlike the traditional norms, the baby should not be bathed for a few hours after being born. As suggested by scientific research, it can be physically and emotionally beneficial to delay the first bath. So, that’s it for the responsibilities of the hospital. Now comes the time when you take the baby home. 


Taking the First Bath at Home


This is where considerations come into play. It's time to apply a little research and baby products to make sure that the first bath is safe and relishing. Follow the tips mentioned below. 


The Intervals of Bathing a Newborn


The baby only needs about two to three times a week, unlike adults. Newborn always being covered from more areas than not, are relatively less exposed to dirt. Until the umbilical cord falls off, the baby must not be submerged fully in water. 


The Steps to Bathe a Newborn



  • Make a checklist and collect every item



At first, it might seem challenging to stick to every step to bath the baby the right way. However, just a small bit of preparation can do the trick without much effort. Just make sure you have the kids hooded bath towels just as your baby likes it. The softness and material matter a lot because of the sensitive skin of your child.  Gather the checklist of baby products including soap, washcloths, towels, the right water temperature, etc. 



  • Decide where to Bathe the baby



Mostly it's the bathroom in your house. However, you need to be more specific about the place. Generally, people use baby bathtubs that are convenient to sink and clean up the baby from top to bottom. It adds to convenience and comfort. 



  • Cover the baby up quickly after the bath



Once you are completed with the bath, cover the baby quickly with the baby hooded bath towel. The baby should be covered from all around without any part of the baby’s skin exposed. Dry the baby up with the towel. If one towel is not absorbing enough, use more. Make sure the baby is dry up to the brim. One cannot complete a nice warm bath without the best baby clothes. 


Just make sure that you give a mild wipe rather than scratching the baby with the towel. The baby's skin is sensitive and is prone to rashes. Applying powder and lotions comes after the baby is fully dry. 

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