How Can Sleep Affect Your Health

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Sleep is essential for good health. Getting the quality of sleep for a correct time can help a person get good mental and physical health. Both are incredibly vital for humans on this planet. Good health will resemble to have the quality of life and safety. While sleeping, your body is working on the function that can keep your brain function healthy. It also helps you to sustain physical health. For children and teens, it is essential as sleep supports their physical and mental growth and development. Hence, rest is a must for everyone, irrespective of their age.You can also visit for more info.

Effective For a Healthy Body and Mind:

It plays a hardcore role for good health in terms of both physical and mental. Sleep deficiency can damage or harm you over a long period. As no sleep, which means you become more tired, and these might result in overthinking or it might cause you an accident. Hence, sleep deficiency can cause harm to your mental and physical health. Most of the time's sleep deficiency can source the increased risk of injury in people, which can result in falls or tiredness of the brain. 

What If You Don’t Sleep?

No sleep can also source human error with tragic accidents. For example, grounding of large ships, aviation accidents, car accidents, blast in the kitchen and many more. Research also shows that sleep will nurture your mental and physical health if rest is taken for the correct period and timely. 

A common myth among the people often found is that little sleep can be learned, and it has no adverse effects. But it is not valid. Every person requires a different amount of sleep as per their age and their work. The below-mentioned table has details regarding the hours of sleep regarding your age. 




12-15 HOURS

1-5 YEAR

10-14 HOURS

6-12 YEAR

9-11 HOURS

12-18 YEAR





About Sleep Apnea and Its Demerits:

The national sleep foundation recently said that over 18 million Americans adults are suffering from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder where you will feel tired even after having asleep for the whole night. 

If they do not treat it on time, then it might cause health issues like heart attacks, strokes, BP, diabetes, depression and many more. Thankfully it can be treated with the help of the CPAP machines. They also have a guide book that helps you buy the right tools as per your requirement. This will help you take the wiser decision. 

Well Aware system is a site for the people who suffer from Sleep Apnea, which is often known as OSA (obstructive sleep apnea). 

The founder of this is Thomas Oldham, who is working on this for more than a decade. He started this when he was in his thirties. He has face SLEEP APNEA, and he understands how frustrating that condition is that’s why he is helping people to feel better and eradicate their sleep disorder. Hence they are help people to treat sleep apnea. You can visit for more info



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