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Goodbye, sayonara, adieu, adios, arrivederci, au revoir, auf weidersehen- saying goodbye in any language can be tough. And the word goodbye is in itself an oxymoron, because honestly how can any bye be good. How can ending a chapter, closing the book… Moving on… How can this be good. If you’ve ever said goodbye, and I’m sure you have, you know exactly what I am talking about.

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One thing I do know for sure, when one door closes it usually means there is another door open and ready for you to walk through. You may be saying goodbye to a chapter in your life, but that is not the end of the book, just that chapter. Sometimes we are forced to say goodbye and in situations like that it is hard to see any good in it at all. It is hard to see that there is something else out there for you, another door that is opening, an new adventure for you to take on. Life, after all is an adventure right?

There are only three things we really have control over in this life, the thoughts you think, the images you visualize, and the actions you take. So what we experience in life is largely based on our own responses. Things happen, people leave, relationships end, people hurt us, but it is our responses to those conditions that determine the outcome. It is a choice, and those choices determine your life.

So I choose to see the good in goodbye. Although I may not think I’m ready, although it may be painful, I can look on the bright side knowing that everything has a purpose and everything has a season-even goodbye.

Ladies:: When a man stops pursuing you, STOP. Yea I said it! Stop pursuing him. When a man wants something, it is in his nature to pursue it, be it a career, money or a woman. Now when I say stop pursuing him that doesnt mean to be unkind, it means to focus your energy & attention elsewhere. It isnt about his money,his social status, his penis or his charm (hopefully lol) it is about his treatment towards you. And if he cant extend pleasurable treatment you shouldn’t extend any unnecessary attention.

Gentlemen:: By pursuing a woman if she accepts your advances, you allow her to submit to you. Now when I say submit I dont mean lay down and be your rug for the day I mean she will soften, open up to receive you and in turn nurture your mind, body soul and jacked up ego alot of you are carrying around Lol Im Kidding! It is a woman nature to want to love, nurture and heal but if that woman cant penetrate your armor..in essence what is she there for?

Ladies:: Know your worth! I am speaking specifically to you.. If he stops his pursuit, stop yours. Dont settle. Stand true to yourself and your value as a good woman. This man will take notice that you are indeed worth more than any silver and gold he can buy. See your authenticity, your good intent and your growing potential as well as your outward beauty. And he may pursue you again. And if this man is a good man and ONLY if he is a good man (and your still single lol or ready) let him pursue you again, allow yourself to be pursued by him again and see if this love story can make it to the final credits.

Now I know what you’re thinking..Why in the WORLD would I go back to him?! Lol Well look at it this way:: even a convicted felon needs a chance to prove themselves, not by their past doings but by their present works and future goals. No movie is ever shot in one take. Cherry

Ps. The keywords were GOOD. MAN. You know a good man by being a good woman, I call it a mirror.


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