How to Meet Someone New At Parties

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Parties, new people, potential for hot dates. Here are seven quick down and tips about getting your flirt on holiday parties and how to make sure you don’t go home empty-handed.

Help The Backpage Hostess

This one is especially effective if you are a guy. Fact 1: women notice when a guy does helpful things like taking out the trash or keeping the chip bowl stocked up. Fact 2: women think about how nice it would be to date a helpful guy. Fact 3: women might even ask the hostess about you. One thing for sure… if you want to catch a girl’s eye at the Backpage party… make sure she’s around when you’re being helpful and perhaps ask her to lend you a hand (something non-dirty and simple so you can chat while you’re at it.)

Make Eye Contact and Watch Body Language

You hear it a lot for a reason. As a female, you’re giving the guy the go ahead to come talk to you when you give him “the look.” Guys — if a girl gives you a glance and then look back with a linger, you have been given the green light… go talk to her.

Do not be an indiscriminate flirt

My dad always told me that the “good guys” take a while to watch you in action before asking you out. If you want to hook up well, let those boobies do the talking, but if you want to actually meet a quality guy… be more careful about where you aim those things. Guys — if a girl sees you entering other girl’s numbers into your crackberry, she’s not going to be as thrilled about giving you hers. Selectivity will serve you well in an environment where you just never know who’s checking you out.

A is for Attitude

Bunions, break ups, drama date stories… oh my! Leave them at home. No one wants to hear about the downers of life at a party. For one thing, it’s hard enough to hear the good stuff over all the noise and secondly… your competition isn’t his or her next Backpage date… it’s the person walking towards you as your target’s attention wanders away from your tales of woe.

Position yourself well

If you’ve been to more than a few Backpage parties, then you know that every party has a flow. Some get caught up in the kitchen, other parties are all about the backyard… take a minute to find the party flow and then station yourself in a highly visible position. Typical Hot Spots — within sight of the front door, kitchen or bathroom and under great lighting. Dead Zones — on a small couch, corners, dark areas.

Craft Your Backpage Conversation

For the nervous nellies of the bunch, deciding on a go-to story may help you calm the social anxiety jitters. Be careful about this one though. I was recently at a party where a guy repeated his story to every new person who walked in the door. Save your story for the moments when you are truly at a loss for words and the conversation ball has been left firmly in your court. The best idea is to just be a great listener and ask good questions. The other person will think you are a scintillating conversationalist even if they carry the conversation.

Leave while you’re still having fun

I know it sounds odd, but when you leave while still having fun, your last impression is just that… a person who has fun. You aren’t the odd ball awkwardly waiting to say goodbye while lingering couples flirt by the door or the guy who whines about what a cock-fest that party was to all and sundry for the next week. By leaving on a high… the guy or girl with your number is going to be even more curious about who your non-desperate self in and how they can entice you to stay longer the next time you’re around.

But most of all… you’ve heard me say it before… remember to have a great time and even if you don’t meet anyone new, that doesn’t mean the party was a FAIL.


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