How much uPVC Windows cost?

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How much do UPVC Windows Cost sign in front of window

How much does new double glazing cost? 

Are uPVC windows an expensive option? 

How does secondary glazing compare to the cost? 

If you're looking for the answers to these questions, you have come to the right place!

We know that fitting uPVC double glazing or windows in your home can be a costly investment. So we have written an article, we will try to break down the primary considerations: window surround materials, types of glass, window configurations and the long term energy savings possible. 

These features will also determine the cost of your new windows and provide you with a better knowledge of how much you should pay for the UPVC windows that best suit your property.

uPVC window costs, savings and benefits

We are going to start with a feature that buyers tend to overlook: the frame itself. Window frames have a substantial impact on the overall energy efficiency of your home; choosing the right frames is paramount to saving energy. Aluminum windows have been the king of the UK window industry for a long time, putting UK homeowners at a massive disadvantage. Why? Aluminum is more expensive to buy and conducts heat easier than UPVC, which can increase the temperature in your house in summer and help reduce heat in the winter. When purchasing double glazed windows, it's typically best to go for uPVC windows, for several important reasons.

  • uPVC is cheaper to produce and usually more affordable to purchase.
  • uPVC window frames are incredibly durable and will be warrantied to last over 20 years, providing much more bang for your buck!
  • uPVC is an effective insulator and will help keep your house warmer in winter and cooler in summer, saving you money on heating and cooling your property.
  • uPVC windows are effortless to maintain they will not rust or corrode when there is moisture in the air.

UPVC double glazed window prices in the UK

Now, let's take a look at window prices or costs. Double glazed UPVC windows cost. They are usually more expensive than single-paned windows. But double-glazed windows also offer a much wider variety of benefits compared to their single-paned counterparts. The most attractive being a substantial decrease in your monthly heating bills. This is due to the superior insulating properties of double glazed windows. The most important thing to ponder when looking at the cost of uPVC double glazed windows is the long-term benefits that come with their installation. Double glazed uPVC windows may cost slightly more than single-paned, UPVC windows to purchase upfront, but they will potentially:

  • Increase the value of your property by up to £10,000.
  • Last for much longer, more than 20 years!
  • UPVC windows can pay for themselves over the years through savings on your energy bills.
  • Decrease sound pollution, giving a better night's sleep! (who can put a price on that?!).

Double glazed UPVC window options

Another critical aspect of your windows which will affect the overall price is the design and configuration of the windows. uPVC windows can come in the form of sliding sash windows, bifold, casement or tilt n turn UPVC windows. The internals fitted in tilt n turn frames is more complex and complicated to install this generally leads to a higher cost than sliding or casement windows. If you want a lower price, you may wish to choose a more straightforward window configuration such as a sliding or casement window. 

Don't let the cost of secondary glazing tempt you

You could have heard of the useless middle ground between double and single glazed windows: secondary glazing. Secondary glazing is often punted as the most affordable option to give better energy efficiency and sound insulation in your property, and installation can be carried out without the cost of removing the existing window frames. However, this often DIY method of improving your properties insulation has its downsides and only gives short term benefits. If you are to invest your time and money into creating a more energy-efficient and better-looking property, you want to do it correctly the first time and enjoy the results for decades to come. Secondary glazing may seem like a fantastic buy at first look, but we promise you that you will spend your time after installation regretting the decision, and spending more money, fixing and maintaining it. Secondary glazing is also ugly and can reduce space available on window cills. The bottom line is this: secondary glazing can end up being far more costly than double glazing in the long run and ruin the look of your property.

Find the best deal for UPVC double glazed windows

If you are after an unbeatable deal on uPVC double glazed windows in the UK? You will always get the best price by going straight to the manufacturer! Find a company that manufactures and installs uPVC double glazed windows and doors in UK homes.

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